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I Love My iPhone Car Mount

If you are like many people who feel that they cannot live long without their iPhone, having an iPhone car mount for the time you are driving may be a wise idea.

These car mounts have already become popular with many drivers for in-vehicle use of their phone. Before the introduction of the car mounts, one would generally have to leave the phone in the next seat, or in one's purse or briefcase.

All of these are somewhat unsatisfactory solutions and they can be potentially dangerous, too. Reaching for your iPhone from the purse or from the next seat while you are driving can easily take your mind off the road and this can often be potentially hazardous.

In fact, in most US states, it is not even legal to use your handset device while you are driving. Those who are more savvy about their iPhone even used to prop it at some or other place around the dashboard so as not have to live a single moment without their iPhone.

This is also anything but a satisfactory solution. The propping solutions are never foolproof and your phone can easily topple over from its improvised mount anytime you are cutting a corner or making a screeching break.

However, you can bid adieu to all these woes after the introduction of special iPhone car mounts. Most of these car mounts are available in different models for use in different vehicles. So, no matter what car you are driving, you do not need to adjust the mount according to the specifications of your car inside.

All you need to do is just get the proper mount for your vehicle, mount it to the prescribed place and go on enjoying your phone while driving.

The most popular iPhone car mounts are the iOttie, iMagnet, KENU, Koomus and Mountek. has all of these brands with many different styles to choose from.

Many find this to be a big benefit. This is especially so since many people need to spend a lot of time in commute. They are either driving to and from their working place or driving their family members to whatever place they need to be.

This means that you will spend a lot of time in your vehicle each day. Many turn to their iPhone to make this time productive and not boresome. This is also a form of multitasking. So, you can use your iPhone while driving to view podcasts, listen to audiobook and music, etc.

Most iPhone car mounts will consist of two parts-- a vehicle mount which will be specific to your car, and a device holder which will be specific to your handset device (in this case, iPhone).

These two parts will be mounted on your dash so that you always have a good view of your phone screen. Most iPhone car mounts will also come with rotating options so that you can easily switch from portrait to landscape orientation and back.

It is always a good idea to use a device holder with a pass through connector. This way, you won't need to look for your power cable if you want to power the device while driving.

You can easily connect your iPhone to power with the help of the pass-through connector.